Italian kitchen craftsmanship

Welcome to Fugazzina where you’ll experience Italian lifestyle from breakfast to supper. Our bakery master chefs will tempt you with our fresh pastries, cakes, juices and biscotti. We use the best raw ingredients on the market and we create sweet and savouries delicacies to enjoy in our beautiful restaurant and as well to take away.

Our skylight restaurant offers the best Italian modern cuisine and a great wine list: let us guide you across all Italy with our home made pasta, speciality pizzas and tasty main courses. Everything is cooked from scratch and made with amore.


Business ready!

Our Skylight restaurant is the perfect spot for your business breakfast, brunch or lunch. What’s better than an elegant and modern venue where you can talk about work, get together with your colleagues or simply celebrate a special occasion. Or you can just indulge in our wide wine list and pretend you are talking business, we won’t tell anybody!


Tutto bello. Tutto buono.

What if something incredibly pretty would taste also damn good? So deep dive into our counter and no matter if it is a quick bite or a cake for a birthday celebration we got it all covered.

Our sourdough Genovese style thin focaccia is baked every day, as well as our vanilla and orange zest croissant and all different morning pastries. We make gelato, biscotti, cakes and yes they look like a once in a while treat but that’s what we are used to daily in Italy. 

Aperitivo? Really!

Yes that’ how we do it in Italy.

Before lunch, or before dinner it’s imperative a drink and few nibbles. Maybe 2 drinks, OK. But always with something savoury to eat, just to get exited about the lunch or dinner coming after. And yes we are very good at that too.

Office and Party Catering.

All our bakery and much more is available delivered to your office. A huge selection of focacce sandwiches, single portion savoury and sweet nibbles, Juices, gelati and drinks.

We prepare everything tailored to your meeting or event and we depending on the size of the order we can arrange a delivery at your specific location. You won’t be back to the usual sandwiches options, guaranteed.